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Friends of St.Mary's

The Friends of St.Mary's is an organisation that was set up in the early 70's by a group of lifelong parish members. It's aim is to preserve and beautify the church so that it can be appreciated by future generations. The Friends have raised funds for the Aumbry, to store the reserve sacrament,  made substantial donation towards the cost of the new roof, and help to run fund raising events and open days during the year.

Over 200 people have joined the Friends, and generous donations and legacies have helped them continue the good work. A twice yearly newsletter keeps Friends in touch with what's happening, even after people move out of the area. They hold quarterly meetings at which a guess speaker is invited to  talk on an interesting topic associated with the church, or church history.

The cost of joining the Friends is 1 a year. If you would like to join, or can give a talk that you think might interest people, please contact us.